24 May 2012

Are the Orlando Magic really going to consider Shaq for the GM job? UPDATE

I mean, this story is just so ridiculous, so utterly insane, I have no idea where to start. So like I noted the other day, the Orlando Magic have pretty much cleaned house and they need a new general manager and a new coach. So the folks the club is considering for the GM job has some quality candidates, such as former Pacers and Knicks personnel chief Donnie Walsh as well as former Hornets GM Jeff Bower. But that list apparently, incredulously, includes the guy that put the club on the map, Shaquille O'Neal. I'm not making this up, ESPN reported it. So what in the world could this possibly mean?

UPDATE: Shaq has put out a statement indicating he has no interest in the job.

The Magic hiring Shaq would be just so insane. Why in the world would they hand the reins of a franchise that is staring into high beams of a future without their franchise player, Dwight Howard, take a chance on a guy, no matter how legendary of a player, who has absolutely zero front office experience whatsoever. It's just such a ludicrous idea no matter what spin you put on it. The guy has zero experience and you just hand him the keys to the organization that has its future hanging in the balance?

I guess you could point to the move that the Broncos made last offseason in bringing in John Elway to run the organization with no experience as one that worked out but he was working for a great owner that knows how to win plus a really good, veteran head coach. Shaq would come into this job and have to bring in a coach and surround himself with strong basketball minds with actual experience. It's just an insane proposition that could not possibly end well.

And considering this club has kind of a thing right now with the aforementioned Howard, would it really be a wise move that you hire a guy in O'Neal that has gotten in his fair share of silly spats with the guy you are trying desperately to keep in town? That surely makes sense, doesn't it? Then again, Shaq could certainly coach Howard in how best to leave Orlando for something better considering he's done it before and hey, they still love Shaq down in Central Florida. The secret must be in that barbershop he opened with Dennis Scott. I think the Q-Man would make for a great co-owner.

To be honest, there is one piece of window-dressing I could say to make this move make sense. It would make Inside the NBA great again. Other than that, it's a farcical idea. But who doesn't love those, in all honesty?

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