26 April 2012

Will Brandon Weeden go in the first round?

It is a lock that the top three quarterbacks will go in the first round, all but a certainty that they go in the top ten (unless somehow Miami chooses to pass up on Ryan Tannehill, which I don't see but could theoretically happen). Now as so many teams need a franchise quarterback, is there a chance that the consensus fourth rated quarterback, Brandon Weeden, goes in the first round?

Let's just be clear about Weeden, if he was not 28 years old, he would go in the top ten. I really feel that because Weeden has got all the physical skills to be a really good NFL quarterback; good arm, very accurate, releases the ball quickly, he's intelligent and a natural leader who will be a good guy in the locker room. The skills are there, the age is a concern.

And like I said, as so many teams need a franchise quarterback, I really think he will go in the back-end of the first round. The only team in the way the draft order is set right now, as well as the earliest I think he will go, is going to Cleveland at 22, where Mel Kiper Jr. has him going. I don't think he will go there but I do think somebody will trade back into the first round to take him, particularly at one of New England's first round selections (27 and 31) as they always trade their first round picks for future picks to a team that wants to move into the first round.

So who could be that team? I could see the Browns possibly moving into the first round to one of those picks and take Weeden, although if they choose to pass on him at 22 would then be somewhat strange and possibly suggest they are not interested. The other team I could really see moving up for Weeden is Kansas City as Romeo Crennel doesn't have ties to Matt Cassel, who sucks anyways.

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