20 April 2012

Why Jim Irsay may be my favorite NFL owner

When you talk about NFL owners, there really is not much difference between most of them. Extraordinarily wealthy, not often in the spotlight, always rocking a suit. Even with the fact they all have their own differences, for the most part they all seem to be the same guy. With the exception of the man pictured above, Colts owner Jim Irsay, who is slowly but surely becoming my favorite owner of any National Football League club.

I first really got a glimpse of who Irsay was in a tremendous Sports Illustrated profile from a couple years back.  You really get the glimpse of a guy who is completely off the norm of his NFL ownership brethen, and somebody who could not be further away from his father, Bob Irsay, who was known for being a very irascible  guy and certainly somebody you could say was a jerk. I don't think you would finally many NFL owners who frequently quote Bob Dylan among other music legends, was once able to squat 750 pounds and being known as a football guy, which most owners certainly are not, and a shrewd businessman who freely spent to build a dynastic club in a small-market town centered on one of the best quarterbacks ever.

And do you follow him on Twitter? Here are some typical tweets from Irsay:

I mean, how could you not love that? And like I said, I'd said probably 31 out of 32 would not tweet like that, but that's part of the charm.

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  1. I find him intriguing as well. Based on the collection, his tweets are at times witty and funny. He is a very coolcat vocal owner.