22 April 2012

What should the New Orleans Hornets change their names to?

As has been suggested for a while, new New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson wanted to change the name of his new team, considering the fact that Hornets and New Orleans really do not go together and they should have changed their name when they move from Charlotte. Benson then said he wanted the name of the Jazz, who originated in New Orleans, but the Jazz said they aren't giving up their name (considering jazz music and Utah really go together, just look at their logo, it has mountains on it). So what should the Hornets change their nickname to?

The usual way to name a franchise is to do a fan contest in which fans vote for a new name and that would make a ton of sense in this scenario. After all, if you want a name with local flavor, naturally residents of that city would know a good nickname.

If I had to suggest a name, the very first name I would think would be the name of the Arena Football League club, the New Orleans Voodoo. I can't take credit for that one because it was rather my colleague on SportsZone, the flagship sports program on ATV (American University television), Connor Trafton, who made the suggestion on Fanatic Radio, the show I co-host alongside Michael Gardner. Why couldn't they have the same name? Of course this would have been easier had Benson controlled the Voodoo, which he did until the original incarnation folded in 2008, the newest edition is now controlled by him.

Considering the fact that I'm not from the Big Easy, nor have I ever been there, I can't really come up with many great nicknames because I don't really know what would fit, although if they took the name of Louisiana-Lafayette and became the Ragin' Cajuns that would be so awesome if they weren't the Voodoo. But it is nice to see that some owners realize how poorly their nickname fits their city after relocation.

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