01 April 2012

Erin Andrews to leave ESPN

UPDATE: Turns out my April Fool's joke has become real as Andrews will be leaving ESPN. Top suitor is expected to be FOX Sports. And I can now predict the future.

We knew there were a few folks over at the Worldwide Leader that were undergoing contract negotiations with the biggest name being Erin Andrews. Now it has been reported that Andrews, the biggest name of ESPN's multitude of sideline reporters is choosing to leave the network after negotiations broke down between both sides. ESPN felt that while Andrews was important to the network, they had others who could easily fill her place, the first name on the list being Jenn Brown. There is expecting to be a high demand for Andrews with FOX Sports and NBC Sports being at the top of the list of those that wish to hire her.

Andrews joined ESPN back in 2004 and her profile steadily increased to the point where she not only covered major events on ESPN but she began work as a contributor on Good Morning America. Continue reading for more analysis.

And I bring this story to you because it is

Haha, thanks for playing along. I chose to make an April Fools joke out of this story because it is not crazy at all. Andrews's contract is up shortly and it's not crazy that she leaves ESPN because they do have a lot of folks that can fill her void, like Brown. And the demand for her would be strong, which may leave ESPN to let her go if she gets too expensive. But this is in no way true...yet.

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