26 April 2012

Cleveland Browns move up to 3rd overall for Trent Richardson

The first big trade of the 2012 NFL Draft just broke, as done by Jay Glazer, and the Cleveland Browns have traded the fourth overall selection as well as their selections in the fourth, fifth and seventh rounds to move up one spot as the Minnesota Vikings trade them the third overall selection. The Browns did this clearly with an eye on Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Here's my analysis.

I really think that Browns personnel czar Mike Holmgren got really worrisome about the unlikely chances of somebody moving up to three ahead of them to take Richardson one spot ahead of them. Cleveland could have just stayed put at four and not have to give up those spare selections and still gotten Richardson.

Then again, the Browns had the most selections of anyone in this draft with thirteen going into tonight and they still have ten selections so it is not like they sold the farm to move up the one selection. They had spare picks to part with and thus they get their guy they had their eyes on in Richardson, who fills a major need at running back and is the best running back to hit the draft since Adrian Peterson. Whoever will play quarterback in Cleveland will greatly enjoy Richardson running the football for them.

As for Minnesota, they get some spare picks in the later rounds which could help them if they want to make a trade of their own later and they can still take the guy they like at four.

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