21 March 2012

Why Illinois should considering hiring Reggie Theus

Illinois been looking for a big-name to replace the fired Bruce Weber to help return the Fighting Illini back to glory but after getting snubbed by VCU coach Shaka Smart, are back to square one. Here's one name to consider: Reggie Theus. And here is why.

The big problem over the last few years under Weber has been that he has not been able to recruit very well in Chicago and you would think Theus, a popular player for the Bulls when he played in Chicago, would not have any problems recruiting in the Windy City. Theus has always been known for being a charismatic guy and that helps in terms of recruiting.

So you may be saying that Theus really did not do well in Sacramento, going 44-62 in a little less than a year and a half in Sac-Town. But you cannot deny the success that Theus had in his two years coaching the Aggies of New Mexico State. In his first season in Las Cruces, he took a team that went 6-24 the year before and improved them to a 16-14 record, which at the time was the fifth best turn-around in D-1 history. And in the second year, before leaving for the Kings, took the Aggies to their first NCAA Tournament since 1999.

So Theus has had success as a college coach, has connections to Chicago and, in what appears to be a important characteristic, is African-American. It would not excite the nation quite like a Smart hire would have been I think it would one that could work out.

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