18 March 2012

Who are the finalists for the Naismith Trophy? And who's going to win it?

At halftime of Creighton-North Carolina, the four finalists for the Naismith Trophy, the trophy awarded to the top college basketball player of the year, were announced. Here are the finalists as well as my prediction as to who will win.

The finalists are:
Anthony Davis (Kentucky)
Draymond Green (Michigan State)
Doug McDermott (Creighton)
Thomas Robinson (Kansas)

Who do I think is going to win? I think ultimately the victor will be Davis. The best player on the best team, you could argue that nobody could affect a game quite like Davis can on defense. His defensive skills are really damn impressive and his ability to shut down the paint has allowed the Wildcats to be aggressive in going for turnovers on the perimeter. And he is not too shabby on offense as he's very strong down low and can step out and make a jumper. Take Davis off Kentucky and no way they are where they are.

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