31 March 2012

Watch CBS blow the ending to Kansas's victory over Ohio State

Jared Sullinger was disappointed too, just not at CBS
As we already know, Kansas defeated Ohio State 64-62 to advance to the 2012 NCAA Tournament Championship Game. The Buckeyes still had a shot late down three with Aaron Craft at the line for a one and one. Craft nailed the first and missed the second to have a chance to tie but a correct lane violation call was made after Craft left too early before the ball hit the rim and he got the rebound. But watch how CBS blows the ensuing inbound by Kansas where OSU inexplicably did not foul while still arguing with the refs and thus Kansas won. Take a look (courtesy SportsGrid).

I understand the need to show a replay there but you simply cannot miss what was missed. That was absolutely inexcusable on CBS's part as Kansas inbounded the ball too quick for them, which should never happen. A poor finish for the production team, quite frankly.

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