21 March 2012

Tim Tebow traded to the New York Jets analysis

UPDATE: Adam Schefter has reported that the trade has reportedly hit a snag due to a clause in Tebow's contract where he has a $6.2 million advance, which Denver has already paid $1.2 million. The remaining $5 million would have to be paid by the Jets, who feel that Denver is obligated to give the $5 million. Stay tuned, as it appears the Jaguars have gotten in the mix as well.

UPDATE 2: No worries folks, Tebow is now officially going to...New York. Hurrah.

We were wondering what would happen to Tim Tebow after the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and now we know that according to Jay Glazer, who broke the story, Tebowmania is New York bound. The Jets have agreed to send a fourth round pick to Denver for Tebow. Here's my analysis of the trade.

My initial thoughts are that this is not a bad trade, and not just because of the epic drive that Tebow led to defeat New York back in November. First off, the Jets really liked to use a lot of Wildcat back when Brad Smith was in town but after he left a year ago, their Wildcat stuff kind of went away. Wideout Jeremy Kerley was solid in those packages but since he's likely to take a bigger role in the passing game, this allows for the Jets to add another wrinkle in their offense. And while he wasn't calling the plays nor designed it in Miami, Tony Sparano, the new Jets offensive coordinator, was the head coach when the Dolphins' Wildcat took the league by storm.

I also like this trade because it is just the kind of thing Mark Sanchez needs, a kick in the pants if you will. If you put together Sanchez's gifts with Tebow's drive, determination and toughness, you'd have a star quarterback. With Sanchez's leadership under fire of late and the questions of whether he truly can be the franchise quarterback the team was hoping for when they traded up for him, this could be the kind of motivation he needs to take the next step. Because we all know that Tebow is not going to take his starting job...or do we? This guy has stunned us before, but the Jets did not trade for him to replace Sanchez.

Should be an interesting season in the Meadowlands regardless.

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