31 March 2012

Stan Van Gundy out in Orlando after the season?

It appears that the Orlando Magic may looking for a new head coach following this season and Dwight Howard seems to be a big reason why, according to Hoopsworld. Let's break this down.

The piece says that the Magic may dump Van Gundy after the season in an attempt to satisfy Howard, who will be in a contract year next year after exercising his option for next year. Who knows, maybe the Magic said to Howard that they would fire Van Gundy so that he would decide to stick around next year. With Nate McMillan available on the coaching market, the team would likely go after him since he has ties to Howard, as the two know each other through Team USA.

It is also very possible that Van Gundy would leave under his own volition. The same Hoopsworld report said that Van Gundy was ready to move on past the Howard crap and wanted him to be traded so they can focus on basketball on the court. Maybe he won't want to deal with the Howard stuff again and he would be in hot demand with some teams with vacancies have deep pockets, most notably in New York.

But the bottom line is that the Magic's moves will be dictated by Dwight Howard. That may be the right thing to do and could make SVG a casualty.

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