25 March 2012

Could Sean Payton be working as an analyst on FOX?

As we all know, Saints head coach Sean Payton is suspended for all of the 2012 NFL season as a result of the penalties levied on that franchise by the NFL for the controversial bounty system that had been apart of the defense a couple years back. While Payton cannot work as a coach this season, he can work as a television analyst. The New York Times reported that CBS, NBC and ESPN all are not interested but the network that is interested is FOX. Here is why this is a bad idea brewing.

Here is what Lou D'Ermilio, the senior vice president for communications for FOX Sports, is quoted as saying by the Times.
Our feeling about Sean is that he's bright, articulate and obviously contemporary. Any network with NFL rights would have to consider it."
I agree with D'Ermilio. Payton has the skills to be a very good analyst for television and in any other circumstance, I would support the move.

But FOX would be doing themselves a disservice with this move. As a sitting head coach on suspension, who knows if Payton could be counted on for critical analysis of not just the Saints, but the league as a whole as he may not want to be very critical of players he may try to lure to New Orleans in the future. And also, would the league be open to the possibility of a guy they just suspended still getting plenty of spotlight and essentially circumventing the suspension by still working as a part of the league?

While I think that Payton has the goods to be a quality analyst, as well as the fact that FOX needs a part-time analyst after Jim Mora went to coach the UCLA Bruins, there is simply too much risk here.

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