10 March 2012

Redskins trade up to 2nd overall pick in 2012 NFL Draft, in position for Robert Griffin III

Remember how I said that I thought that Peyton Manning would be signing with the Washington Redskins? Yeah that's all but dead now, not just because of how it's been said that Manning would prefer to stay in the AFC but also due to the point of this article, the news that the Redskins have engineered a trade with the St. Louis Rams in order to move up to the second overall pick to select the man pictured above, Robert Griffin III, in exchange for the Redskins' first round picks for the next three drafts (including the sixth in this year's draft) as well as a second rounder in this year's draft. Here's my breakdown.

Brilliant move for both teams. For the Redskins, they are now finally in position to acquire a franchise quarterback as Griffin appears to be a budding star. Yes the price is steep but if Griffin pans out to be a star QB, it will be completely worth it. The Redskins are not as far off as people think they are and getting the ability to get Griffin puts the franchise on the right track.

As for St. Louis, this makes a ton of sense as well. Now they get a truckload of draft picks for Jeff Fisher to utilize in order to get that downtrodden club back on the right track and having multiple first rounders is always a great luxury as they give you flexibility in order to trade up for a guy they target or trade down and get even more picks. They got a great haul and if they don't mess up those picks, this trade will work out well for them as well. They have plenty of options at six but they would really love if Justin Blackmon fell to them.

The other team that was the other favorite to trad up for Griffin was the Cleveland Browns. It had been reported that the team was unwilling to trade their second first round pick in this year's draft but Adam Schefter reported that Cleveland was willing to part with three first rounders. Now look for them to go hard after Matt Flynn in free agency, particularly if Manning signs in Miami.

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