19 March 2012

Peyton Manning to sign with the Denver Broncos

The biggest free agent to hit the market in a long time is headed to the Mile High City. According to Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter, Peyton Manning is going to become the next starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. After being released by the Colts two weeks ago, everyone that needed a quarterback had their eyes upon Manning and the favorites were whittled down to Denver, San Francisco and Tennessee. What this signing means after the break.

For the Broncos, this is obviously a huge deal. Yes Tim Tebow was a success last season and led the Broncos to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs but the facts are that he's not the ideal franchise quarterback, even with his heroics from a year ago, and when you have the opportunity to bring in a Peyton Manning, even with the medical concerns that caused him to miss all of 2011 (he did pass a physical for all three clubs listed above), you have to pull the trigger. The Broncos are now a legitimate AFC playoff threat with Manning in tow as he makes any team he is on that much better. And having someone like John Elway woo you, as well as the class of the Broncos organization with a stable organization led by head coach John Fox, makes a major difference.

As for Tebow, the Broncos could still keep him and use him in situational packages. But it has been reported that they are actively looking to trade him where teams looking for a quarterback, a fan boost or a unique situational player could be in the mix. Nobody knows what the Broncos are looking for in Tebow but its not out of the question that Tebow may stay.

For the 49ers, they seemed to be really close to bringing in Manning that they were waiting to re-sign Alex Smith, who really improved last season under Jim Harbaugh. Now with the Dolphins desperately looking for a QB potentially looking at Smith, the 49ers may have their hands tied. The 49ers have an awesome defense and running game so they just need solid quarterback play in order to reign supreme in a weak division. If Smith decides to leave, maybe Harbaugh will bring in Josh Johnson, who he coached in college, or see if Colin Kaepernick, who was drafted last year, is ready.

For the Titans, they really do not have to do anything now at quarterback. Matt Hasselbeck was going to be released if Manning was going to come to town but he will still be the man in Tennessee, either as the starter or as the mentor and backup to Jake Locker, who showed flashes last season.

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