31 March 2012

Is Donovan McNabb really the most unfairly criticized QB ever?

Donovan McNabb, remember that guy? Yeah he has been whiny of late. A few days ago, he said that Robert Griffin III was not a good fit in Washington with mostly poor reasoning and then saying, when asked if he had an axe to grind with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, for whom McNabb bombed in 2010, "I do but I don't." And then on Friday, on that pitiful program First Take, McNabb said that he, not Tim Tebow, was the most unfairly criticized quarterback in history. Let's go to the videotape.

I mean, I can kinda see where McNabb was coming from, considering he did have a lot of success in Philadelphia, albeit without a title, before preforming miserably in Washington and Minnesota. But for him to say he is the most unfairly criticized quarterback in history? Please. Listen we all know that Eagles fans are some of the worst not just in the league but in all of sports (of course you could say that about Philadelphia fans overall) but he got a lot of crap because while he led the Eagles to five NFC Championship Games, they only won once and McNabb did not play great in most of those games. The Eagles have never won anything and thus the fans took it out on McNabb. Is it unfair? Maybe, maybe not. But it is sports and be a man about it, not a whiny child.

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