10 March 2012

Despite loss to Baylor, can Kansas hang onto a one seed?

Kansas was looking pretty solid in position for a top seed in the 2012 NCAA Tournament before they lost last night to Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament Semifinals. Despite the loss, could they still hold on for a one seed?

Even with the loss, Bill Self's Jayhawks are still in decent shape for a top seed. Yes we were all looking for a third Kansas-Missouri showdown in the final in Kansas City but KU is not toast for a top seed. Of course, if being a top seed meant heading out West in the Phoenix regional as opposed to being a two seed in Kansas City, you know which one they would rather have. And this loss would likely relegate them to playing in Phoenix as a one.

So who could take that top seed from Kansas? Well we pretty much know who three of the four one seeds are, Kentucky, Syracuse and unless Duke wins the ACC tourney (over UNC in particular), North Carolina. There are three teams that could take the top seed from Kansas and they are Michigan State, Ohio State and Missouri.

Michigan State or Ohio State could end up getting the one seed if one of them wins the Big Ten Tournament . The Spartans have a stronger case than the Buckeyes by a little bit but both would be in solid position. What would make either case stronger is if they defeated the other one in the final tomorrow in Indianapolis, pending of course who wins today.

Missouri has a shot but even if they beat Baylor this evening, they're no lock to pass Kansas for the top seed because their out of conference resume is not that great. If they lose to Baylor, they have no chance and while kids of Mizzou think they have the title in the bag (and I know some do), if Baylor plays like they did last night they'll be tough to handle.

I don't think Duke will get a top seed with UNC getting one as well but North Carolina does seem to look close to a lock to be a top seed so maybe if the Blue Devils win the ACC tournament down in Atlanta, they could get that top seed.

So all in all, Kansas still is in decent position to hold onto its top seed. But like I said, they may not even want the top seed if it results in having to play out west.

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