11 March 2012

2012 NCAA Tournament: Who got snubbed?

As per every year on Selection Sunday, there are teams that get snubbed by the selection committee and thus are relegated to the NIT. Who are teams that I thought got screwed today? Let's take a look.

The first team that immediately comes to mind are the Drexel Dragons. Drexel did not have a strong resume by any stretch, a big reason was because the Colonial Athletic Association had a down year, but Drexel had a great year, including going on a very long winning streak that ended in the CAA tournament title game against VCU. This is a club that absolutely passes the eye test and I really think they should have gotten a bid. The fact that Iona got a bid is a joke and despite the fact that the committee supposedly values head to head matchups and Drexel beat Iona, Iona gets the bid. Yes this Iona team that only beat one tournament team in Long Island and not only had a terrible loss to a really bad Hofstra club, they didn't even get to their conference tournament title game, losing in the semifinals to Fairfield. It is an absolute fraud that Iona got in and Drexel did not. I understand Iona is a good club, but looking at the resume, they in no way deserved a bid.

After Drexel got screwed, I really have no other major problems with this bracket. Another club I would have thought to get in would have been Seton Hall, particularly on the fact that while many other bubble teams barely had any top-50 RPI wins, the Pirates had four, but the fact that they fell apart in the end of the regular season, losing to Rutgers at home and getting inexplicably killed by Depaul, and did nothing in the Big East tourney with a no show against Louisville, I can see why they didn't get in. Apparently though they were not even on the first four out, which I don't get.

The only other team I would even consider getting in would have been Washington based on their regular season championship in the Pac-12 but they had no out-of-conference schedule, lost to Cal head to head and was one and done in the Pac-12 tourney.

With the exception of the Drexel-Iona fiasco, the committee did overall a solid job in my opinion.

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