12 March 2012

2012 CBI Predictions

There's nothing better than the College Basketball Invitational, unless of course you are in the NCAA Tournament or even the NIT. But in this day and age where we get seemingly everyone a chance to win something, we have the CBI. Here are my predictions for the 2012 edition.

First Round:
Milwaukee vs. TCU
Pick: Milwaukee

Western Illinois vs. Oregon State
Pick: Oregon State

Washington State vs. San Francisco
Pick: San Francisco

North Dakota State vs. Wyoming
Pick: North Dakota State

Delaware vs. Butler
Pick: Butler

Quinnipiac vs. Pennsylvania
Pick: Quinnipiac

Princeton vs. Evansville
Pick: Princeton

Wofford vs. Pittsburgh
Pick: Pittsburgh

Milwaukee vs. Oregon State
Pick: Milwaukee

San Francisco vs. North Dakota State
Pick: San Francisco

Butler vs. Quinnipiac
Pick: Butler

Princeton vs. Pittsburgh
Pick: Pittsburgh

Milwaukee vs. San Francisco 
Pick: Milwaukee

Butler vs. Pittsburgh
Pick: Butler

Finals (best of three):
Butler in two

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