15 February 2012

Would the Colts actually consider Robert Griffin III over Andrew Luck?

It has seemed a foregone conclusion from the moment that Andrew Luck decided to return to Stanford last year that he would be the clear top overall pick for whoever has that selection, unless they already had a quarterback in place obviously. And so with the Colts all but guaranteed to cut ties with Peyton Manning, it would make sense for them to take Luck, who has been said to be the top quarterback prospect since John Elway, even better than Manning when he came out. But could there be a chance that Robert Griffin III enters the conversation for the Colts?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: It's not going to happen. Griffin hopes to be the top pick, and who would not, and he probably would be the top pick in most drafts. Similar to Cam Newton a year ago, Griffin had an absolutely brilliant season that concluded in him winning the Heisman. He showed an excellent arm, great accuracy and brilliant athleticism. Scouts drool over a skill set like us and consider the fact he also is very intelligent and has zero character concerns. Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball compared him not to Michael Vick but rather Steve McNair and if you saw Air McNair back in his prime in Tennessee, the comparison makes sense. Griffin is a franchise quarterback you can build your team around.

But you don't pass on a guy like Luck, never. Can you tell me the last time a player coming out of college had the hype that Luck has? You do not liken someone as the best prospect at his position since John Elway for no reason as Luck is a surebet to be a star. He has every tool you want, intelligence, accuracy, quick release, good mobility, comes from a pro-style offense and was coached very well. He is not after money unlike many prospects, if he was he would have declared for the draft last year. The only potential downside to Luck is the fact that while he has a very good arm, it is not a cannon. But that is it.

No matter how good of a prospect Griffin is, you have to take Luck if you are the Colts' brass. You just cannot pass on a guy like him.

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