06 February 2012

The Worst Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

So much of America watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, or at least it seems that way. Companies spend millions to advertise their product (s) in front of some of the biggest TV audiences ever. Many ads are great, many are awful. Here is my take on the worst advertisements of Super Bowl XLVI.

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Bud Light, unlike Budweiser, usually has underwhelming ads and this one was not memorable. What makes the Platinum any different than any usual Bud Light?

This commercial was just absurd and I love Elton John. And the Flavor Flav cameo was just too much.

This was underwhelming again but at least third time was the charm.

I hate you GoDaddy.

Lexus had made better.

This is annoying every time I watch it.

Looks like a mediocre cross of Star Wars and Prince of Persia almost.

VW really disappointed. Even with the great music, this commercial did not seem to be for a car and having the Cantina scene at the end was totally ridiculous.

Well I'm not a woman...



I feel like Toyota makes a similar commercial like this every year.

This sucked, if I could reinvent anything I would have done none of those things.

GE is essentially making the same ad over and over it seems.

I didn't find this funny like others did.

This was simple but nothing special, basically just another Cadillac ad. And not many people know about the Nurburgring (sorry didn't do the u thing) so the impact isn't there.

I hate GoDaddy so much.

This was a mediocre effort.

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