22 February 2012

Why is Reggie Miller calling NCAA Tournament games again?

For the second straight year in a row, Reggie Miller will be analyzing NCAA Tournament games as he will be working games through the regional finals of a regional along with Kevin Harlan and Len Elmore. And quite frankly, it sucks and here is why.

There's no question that the folks at Turner Sports love Miller. If they didn't love him, they would not give him high profile assignments like working the NBA All-Star Game, which he will do this weekend with Marv Albert and Steve Kerr, a conference finals in the NBA Playoffs as well as a regional final in March Madness. But there's a problem with that; Miller is not any good as an analyst.

Miller does not provide very insightful analysis and when he is working in a three man crew, he just leans on his commentating partner. And he was pretty awful last year in the NCAA Tournament. I understand that TNR considers him one of their top analysts but he just is not that good. There are much better analysts that Turner could be using for their tournament coverage like Mike Fratello or Chris Webber instead of the woeful Miller. But it just seems that just because Miller is a big name, he gets to do these major events.

I wouldn't have much of a problem if Miller was in studio in Atlanta for the tournament, like I said he isn't a very good analyst at all but it does involve him in the tournament, and using him instead of Steve Smith, who isn't that good either, would be fine with me. But for him to do a major assignment like a regional final just doesn't make sense to me because he is not very good.

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