01 February 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

So we are finally here, Super Bowl XLVI. It seems like yesterday I made my NFL predictions, which were wrong again (although unlike last year both of my Super Bowl teams made the playoffs). And it's the New York Giants taking on the New England Patriots, a rematch of Super Bowl XLII. We all remember the Tyree catch, the Burress touchdown and the Giants, underdogs all season, snatching history from the grasps of the then undefeated Patriots. Who will it be holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night?

Breaking down the Giants' offense
Breaking down the Giants' defense
Breaking down the Patriots' offense
Breaking down the Patriots' defense

Sun., Feb. 5th
New York Giants at New England Patriots (NBC, 6:30)
Without question, the strengths of both teams are in their offenses and in their passing games. Both Tom Brady and Eli Manning are elite quarterbacks and with their opponents having weak secondaries, we should expect a high scoring shootout, right?
Not so fast my friends. Very few Super Bowls have descended into shootouts and even with both passing games being so good, particularly their receiving units, I do not foresee Super Bowl XLVI becoming one as well. Both teams will score in the 20's but I do not expect more than that.
Now I find this a very tough Super Bowl to pick because these teams are not that much different and both are very good. I am tempted to go with New York because I feel that their defensive line can get to Brady the way they did in Super Bowl XLII en route to victory. Manning also showed the chops in crunch time and stare down Brady.
But quite frankly, I do not see Bill Belichick and co. to lose to this team again. I simply feel that they have been gunning for the Giants since they knocked them off when they came so close to 19-0. I think Rob Gronkowski will play very well and I also think Aaron Hernandez will have a big game right down the middle of this Giants' defense. And look for Brady to find Wes Welker early and often like he did four years ago.
And the last time these teams played in the Super Bowl, the team that won in the regular season lost in the Super Bowl. Who won in the regular season of 2011? The Giants.
As they say, lightning never strikes twice.
Patriots 27 Giants 24

Super Bowl MVP: Wes Welker, WR, Patriots

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