15 February 2012

Where could Rick Nash be headed?

The clear top prize of anyone who may or may not be on the trading block in the NHL is Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash. The 27-year old right winger is apparently on the market according to RDS (page is in French) and anytime a star that is about to enter his prime is on the market, there will be a huge interest. Whether or not Nash will be traded is not certain but you have to ponder if Nash is tired of all the losing, having said that "this has definitely been the toughest season of my career." So where could he potentially be traded to?

It is important to note that Nash's contract has a no-movement clause but it has been rumored that Nash would be willing to drop it although he does not want to be the one who formally requests a trade. But it does appear that Nash is not happy that the team is building from scratch again and you cannot really blame him.

Even with a large contract like Nash's, he is a guy that can lift your team to a Stanley Cup. So naturally, there will be a ton of interest. Bob McKenzie of TSN reported that teams Nash may agree to drop his NMC includes the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs as well as potentially the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings.

And of those teams, I think that the favorite out of that list, although I think the Kings could make a very good package, is the Rangers. The Eastern Conference leaders have really broken through with a strong season thus far but a big reason has been their defense and their tremendous goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, even after adding Brad Richards in the offeseason to a talented crew of wingers. If you add Nash to that mix, that is one scary team come Stanley Cup Playoffs time. The Rangers also have enough organization depth to trade a Brandon Dubinsky as well as the talented top prospect Chris Kreider and a draft pick.

The race for Nash appears to be on and whoever does end up with him gets one of the top talents in the league. And if you needed to make the NHL trade deadline, which is Monday the 27th, any more exciting, a potential Nash move will light the roof on fire.

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