22 February 2012

Trent Richardson is making the correct decision to skip the drills at the NFL Combine

Arguably the most high profile prospect not participating in on-field drills at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis is Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Richardson is not participating in the workouts this week because he had his knee scoped three weeks ago. And while it has been reported that Richardson is close to 100 percent, he is taking a precaution and choosing not to partake in the drills. Richardson is making the right move and here is why.

There really is no reason for Richardson, if he had minor knee surgery a few weeks ago, to then take any risk by performing in the on-field drills. He is a consensus top ten prospect and head and shoulders above all other running backs in this draft cycle. If he killed it at the combine, what would really change? If he were to get injured in one of the drills, then his stock would fall.

What's going to be key for Richardson will be his performance at the Alabama Pro Day on the seventh of March. He should have plenty of time to recover completely, if he has not already, recovered from the knee surgery and thus if he performed well, his stock will be solidified. If he still showed some lingering effects, then there will be big questions that need to be answered.

So there really was no need for Richardson to perform on the field in Indy since it will pretty much come down to his performance at the 'Bama Pro Day. There was simply too much risk.

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