05 February 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: What to Watch For

It is Super Bowl Sunday, believe it or not. Here is what you should keep an eye on in today's game as the New Giants and the New England Patriots battle it out at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Lombardi Trophy.

1. Will the Giants commit to running the football? Or will they be throwing early and often?
2. Will Kevin Gilbride run a lot of three receiver sets to exploit New England's thin secondary?
3. Will Mario Manningham be a factor?
4. And for Jake Ballard, will he be used for blocking or receiving?
5. They got eaten up by Rob Gronkowski in the first meeting, can they slow him down?
6. And when the Patriots go to their three tight-end unit with Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and a lineman, likely Sebastian Vollmer, how will the Giants counter that?
7. If the Giants can't generate pressure with the front four, what's Plan B?
8. Will the defense's hole at middle linebacker be exploited?
9. Can the cornerbacks hold up?
10. Can Manning do it again?

1. Gronkowski is playing but how effective will he be?
2. Will Matt Light hold up against Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora?
3. Will Vollmer be healthy enough to play at right tackle or rotate with rookie Nate Solder?
4. Will New England even bother with the running game?
5. Should we expect anything from Deion Branch?
6. Can the Patriots get pressure on Manning, especially with Andre Carter out? Can Mark Anderson and Rob Ninkovich help carry the load?
7. The Patriots have run a base 4-3 but have mixed and matched with a 3-4, which will be in use?
8. Do the cornerbacks even stand a chance?
9. When Julian Edelman.is on the field, who will he be covering? Will he get help from over the top?
10. Will Tom Brady let this team lose again? And does Bill Belichick have any tricks up his sleeve?

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  1. ben these are the questions i hoped you would be answering when i came to read this, not asking me. cmon now dog

    -ray mcdowel