24 February 2012

Should the Packers apply the franchise tag to Matt Flynn?

As we all know, one of the biggest catches on the free agent market this offseason is Packers reserve quarterback Matt Flynn. This is what happens when you star in two spot starts with so many teams needing quarterbacks. But the question here is should the Packers apply the franchise tag to him?

It had been thought before that the Packers would not have the money to re-sign their top free agent, tight end Jermicheal Finley, and also afford the franchise tag on Flynn and there was a lot of speculation that the Packers would franchise Finley instead. But two nights ago they hammered out a very solid deal with Finley, two years and $15 million, which gives them the ability now to apply the franchise tag to Flynn.

I really think franchising Flynn would be the right move for the Packers and it is a move that I think a smart general manager like Ted Thompson would make. Then the Packers would be in prime position to receive a high draft pick, probably in the second round. This is a very similar situation to the Patriots and what they did with Matt Cassel after he had that tremendous season filling in for Tom Brady in 2008. Bill Belichick had no intention of bringing back Cassel so they applied the franchise tag to him and sent him to Kansas City for a second round pick. The Packers should absolutely get a second round pick, if not at least a third rounder, for Flynn and teams like potentially the Dolphins or the Redskins would not hesitate to make such a move because getting a potential franchise quarterback is absolutely worth more than a second or third round selection.

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