20 February 2012

Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol?

There have been rumors swirling about if the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to trade Pau Gasol and quite frankly both Gasol and Kobe Bryant are getting tired of it. But should they be considering it? Let's ponder.

Given that the Lakers quite frankly do not look like a championship contender, trying to get some feelers for Gasol makes a lot of sense. Even as Gasol is one of the best forwards in basketball and is having another tremendous season, GM Mitch Kupchak trying to find what he could potentially get for him is wise, especially if they can get an elite player in return. The fact that the Lakers are pondering trading Gasol is a surprise really to no one where they came very close to trading him in the Chris Paul trade that got aborted by David Stern.

That said, trading Gasol doesn't make sense unless they are getting an elite player in return. The Lakers should be doing everything possible to get themselves into championship contention because Bryant is getting in the twilight of his career and the team does not have the cap room to bring in a star player through free agency.

If trading Gasol brings them back either a top point guard or a small forward, as the Lakers are really struggling at both positions, or if it helps them get Dwight Howard, then I'd advise them to pull the trigger. But for anything short of that, I would stand pat.

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