04 February 2012

Should Jim Calhoun retire?

The big news of the day in the world of collegiate hoops has been that legendary UConn head coach Jim Calhoun is taking an indefinite leave of absence as he is dealing with back pains. The coach has been suffering from spinal stenosis since the summer, which has caused him severe pain and is hampering his mobility. This is not great news for the defending champions, who have lost six of their last eight.

So should Calhoun, who is turning 70 in May, be considering retirement with his latest strain of health issues?

Calhoun has had his fair share of medical issues over the years. He has battled prostate cancer and skin cancer twice, and has won every time. This is now Calhoun's fifth such health concern while he has been head coach at the University of Connecticut, the program he has built. His primary care doctor has said that his condition with his back pain has left him "physically unable to coach."

The three-time NCAA Tournament champion really thought about retirement after his Kemba Walker-led Huskies won it all last March. He decided to return to Storrs because he did not want to leave the program as it was under NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations.

But it has become ever so clear that his health is not good at all. The fact that this is the fifth health problem he has had while coaching the Huskies speaks that this health is not good and has not been good for a long time. And as he is about to become a septuagenarian means that his health will probably only end up getting worse if he continues to coach. He has done so much for the university and has made the program a national power but he would be doing a service to UConn by deciding to hang it up as he cannot physically coach anymore.

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