13 February 2012

Randy Moss is Making a Comeback

After a disappointing 2010 season in which he was traded once and put on waivers once and spent the season as a part of three teams, Randy Moss retired last August. Some folks felt that he still had something left in the tank and thus it came as a surprise to some that he was retiring at the age of 34. But now it appears that Moss is attempting to come back to the NFL as he announced in a live broadcast on UStream. But will any team take the bait?

Somebody will have an interest in Moss, I feel relatively confident in that. Yes he contributed nothing in 2010 and looked like he was done and he's always had some baggage with him as well. But someone will show some interest in him. This is not like Terrell Owens, who is four years older and coming off an injury.

But does Moss really have anything left? That I am doubtful of. He really did not play well in 2010 and he has not been playing for a year. Maybe he still has some speed left but speedy receivers like Moss do not age that well.

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