10 February 2012

Ralph Nadar should stop talking about the NHL

Ralph Nadar is one of those guys who will throw himself into a topic just so people remember who he is. And his new cause is to ban fighting in the NHL. And he says it is the reason that concussions are a major problem in the NHL. Which shows he really has no idea what he is talking about.

Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy breaks this issue down very well, better than what I can do, but the bottom line is very clear. Fighting is not the reason why there is a concussion problem in hockey. It is far from being the reason, which begs to ask the question of how much hockey Nadar has watched in his lifetime.

The real reason why there is a concussion problem is of hits to the head, no by punches, but by in gameplay when a player delibertly goes after the head of an opposing player to lay him out. That's the real reason and anybody who watches hockey will tell you that for the most part. Nadar says the league should ban shots to the head outright, which makes more sense, but it's ridiculous to blame it on fighting. I personally hope they never take fighting out of hockey. But regardless, I don't see anybody taking him seriously, which people haven't for years (running for President on a three party ticket for far too long will have that effect).

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