25 February 2012

Players we want to see in the Slam Dunk Contest

Everybody looks forward to the Slam Dunk Contest in NBA All-Star Weekend but while the field for 2012 could be good, there aren't any big names in the mix. In fact, with the exception of Blake Griffin a year ago, most of the big names have largely stayed away from the contest of late. But 'etls change that right here, here's who we would like to see in the future.

LeBron James
Well this is obvious. You can't really blame James for not participating in the dunk contest because what does he really have to gain? He would win pretty much by default. Regardless, it would be one hell of a show because this man can pretty much leap over everybody, even you Johnny Lucas.

Derrick Rose
I always love seeing point guards get up and be able to power it down like Rose can. Plus he does not dunk that often, making each time even better. Just watch this.

Rajon Rondo
See above. This guy has powered it down on Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh is epic fashion.

John Wall
If you watched the Rising Stars Challenge last night, you heard Kenny Smith say repeatedly "Why is he not in the dunk contest?" We've known he can dunk, hell he jumped over a guy in college, and watch some of his dunks from last night.

If I'm missing anybody, leave a comment below.

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