01 February 2012

Music Video Faceoff: "We Are Mizzou" or "We Are KU"

Nothing to get the rivalry juices flowing like dueling music videos taking shots at the other. #8 Kansas and #4 Missouri will meet for the first time this season on Saturday evening in Columbia and as most folks know, these schools really hate each other which is why they used to call it the Border War (then they got soft and changed it to Border Showdown). Thank you Bleeding Kansas.

So then some students at Mizzou made a music video/rap anthem hating on Kansas with the use of "trite lyrics, awkward dancing and lots and lots of Auto-Tune." Let's go to the videotape.

And then students at KU where having none of that so they responded.

So which one is better? Well, and my friends at Missouri can suck it, the Kansas one is better overall. It's more absurd and makes accurate points about Missouri hoops will never compare with Kansas hoops and how Missouri is heading to the SEC. Indeed.

(h/t The Dagger)

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