26 February 2012

Highlights from the Slam Dunk Contest

It certainly was not the most memorable dunk contest I've ever seen but there were some nice dunks in the dunk contest on Saturday evening with Jazz forward Jeremy Evans, who was a late replacement for Iman Shumpert, coming out on top. It was a show filled with throwbacks back to the old days. Let's see some highlights, eh?

Pretty good, mostly by the tribute to White Men Can't Jump.


Pretty solid dunking over two guys, including Hibbert.

Boo for the props and copying Vince Carter.

Nothing special.

This was the best, really impressive.

Glow in the dark, great?

Second best dunk, really liked this.

Liked this one but unlike Ceballos, Budinger needed help.

Hell, even Barkley can dunk over Kevin Hart. The whole mailman bit? Weak.

Only took him like five tries.

Overall this show underwhelmed. Here are my suggestions to save the dunk contest.

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