22 February 2012

Dana White should not be calling out Floyd Mayweather for his comments on Jeremy Lin

As you know already, Floyd Mayweather has gotten a lot of well-deserved flak for this tweet regarding Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin:

Now we all know that is a ridiculous statement, now while the fact that Lin is Chinese certainly does not hurt, to say that's the only reason why people love him is just inane (by his reasoning, America would have loved Wang Zhizhi).

And then for some reason, UFC President Dana White decided to go off on Mayweather. Let's take a look at what he said.

Strong words, eh? Now I would have no problem if most people said that but White is a different story. Since White has a history of running his mouth and making ridiculous comments, like here:
<a href='http://msn.foxsports.com/video?videoid=351f37f1-220b-4a0c-a378-01c94ab9858d&amp;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='White blasts MMA reporter' >Video: White blasts MMA reporter</a>

Yep so the guy who got in pretty deep controversy with those comments, particularly calling an anonymous source used by a reporter a "fag" is calling out someone else for making dumb comments. Makes sense, right?

Like I said, if this was anyone else, for the most part, I would have had no problem with that. But White really should not be criticizing someone for making a dumb and offensive comment because he for one has done the very same.

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