06 February 2012

The Best Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

So much of America watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, or at least it seems that way. Companies spend millions to advertise their product (s) in front of some of the biggest TV audiences ever. Many ads are great, many are awful. Here is my take on the best advertisements of Super Bowl XLVI.

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As someone who hates Twilight, I enjoyed this spoof. Killing your friends with the lights of your car does kinda suck.

This was so funny.

This wasn't great but I understood and liked the premise.

God bless those polar bears, fantastic.

Funny ad that makes its message clear.

Budweiser with yet another brilliant ad.

Because bribes are fantastic.

I liked it but the cross promotion was not necessary.

Had nothing to do with the product but absolutely hilarious. These are the type of ads that introduce a small company to the public.

This looks pretty funny, in my opinion.

Again, I love the polar bears.

Totally absurd but it did have OK GO.

Find me somebody who is not excited for this movie.

I was howling with this one.

People were saying this is sexist, to those people, go home.

Very funny.

Bruce Willis does it for me.

The fact that he was on the Milton Berle star had me going.

The NFL has made better but it drew out some chuckles.

This was the best. Chrysler kills it once again.

This almost happened to me once. Once.

Again, brilliant.

Who does not want to headbutt John Stamos?

I really hate the Pepsi Max guy but he was pretty nonexistent here. And Regis put it over the top.

I do admire when Trump mocks himself like this.

I'm not a Jerry Seinfeld fan but this was hilarious.


This was very funny, mostly because of how serious the guys were for something useless.

The NFL hits homers like this often. Love the Ray Charles.

Like I said, I loved this. This version is much better than the shortened version that aired in the game.

The music fit and promoting the fact that active duty Marines are in it makes it really cool.

Like I said, Bud Light had a great one in its third go at it. And the message that it's a rescue dog and the pitch to help rescue dogs is just awesome.

Gervais makes the ad, obviously.

This is a good one, especially when he grabs his wife at the end.

CareerBuilder is similar to GoDaddy in that it has found a formula that it has used to build brand awareness. Unlike GoDaddy, their ads don't suck.

Uproarious, especially because it mocks those tools who camp outside Apple Stores.

Simple but it works very well and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

Because mixing Inuits and 50 Cent is brilliant.

This was awesome, almost like I'm a kid again watching those cartoons.

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