07 February 2012

An Allen Iverson Sighting?

You remember A.I.? I know it is hard considering he has not been relevant on the NBA scene in a long time. But he is getting wooed by not just a team but an entire league for him to play. His interest is not known but it is an opportunity. But who is it giving him an opportunity?
UPDATE: Iverson is actually going to play in Venezuela.

If you guessed Baloncesto Superior Nacional, you are the golden winner. Yes, the main professional hoops league down in Puerto Rico is openly courting Iverson, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. The league, who starts its 30-game season in a month and pays its players around 20K a month plus living expenses (sign me up), wants Iverson to play in their league to help sell tickets and draw attention and then he could use it to potentially start another comeback to the NBA. The BSN is a successful and relatively popular league for players to play in if their NBA careers fall apart. Apparently Iverson has been working out for a comeback but no teams seem interested in signing him so maybe he would consider.

But I highly doubt it, considering his largely failed experiment of him playing in Turkey last year. Even as Puerto Rico is pretty close to the continental US, not sure Iverson is that desperate to play still. But who knows?

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