19 February 2012

2012 NFL Combine: What to Watch For

Fun fact: the NFL Scouting Combine is actually named the National Invitational Camp. Well after the meaningless tidbit, as the combine is this week, here are some things to be on the watch for.

Any other first round quarterbacks?
Everybody and their uncle knows that Andrew Luck is going number one overall and Robert Griffin III is going to somebody in the top five. But we see quarterbacks get drafted higher than their stock indicates every year, with last year being no fluke with Jake Locker and Christian Ponder going higher than expected. Ryan Tannehill has been in many mocks as going in the first round so he could solidify a round one grade with a strong performance this week. Other quarterbacks to keep an eye on include Brock Osweiler, Brandon Weeden, Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles and Tyler Wilson.

Alshon Jeffery
Jeffery has had a first round grade for much of the process thus far but there are major questions about his weight and how in shape he is. He had a disappointing senior season I liken it more to the quarterback troubles at South Carolina but the questions about how in shape he is in has been magnified thanks to this picture where Jeffery is on the left and looks rather hefty. All eyes are going to be on Jeffery when he runs and he shows his athleticism and if he disappoints, those comparisons to Mike Williams will linger and he could very well fall out of the first round.

Who's the second best receiver?
Speaking of Jeffery, he factors in this question as well as there does not seem to be a consensus second best receiver prospect in the draft behind Justin Blackmon. It seems that the next three are in some order of Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright and Jeffery are thought to be the crop in the mix with Wright seeming to be on the rise. How these three run will be interesting, we touched on Jeffery, Floyd could boost his stock with a fast 40-yard dash and Wright is expecting to run really fast as well.

How tall is Robert Griffin III?
Griffin is a stud and everybody knows it. He's going to go in the top five barring something really surprising and he has got all the tools you want. The only question teams have for him is his height. He is listed at 6'2" and the general feeling is that is very generous and the consensus is that he is closer to six feet flat. It won't affect his stock but it is interesting to see how tall he really is.

Kirkpatrick vs. Jenkins for second best corner
A position battle to watch is who settles in as the second best cornerback on the board behind Mo Claiborne. Kirkpatrick has got excellent size and is tremendous in run support but has some questions in his coverage skills. Jenkins is small but is a real talent in coverage. Both have characters questions that need to be addressed (Kirkpatrick failed a drug test but was cleared of charges, Jenkins left the University of Florida  after a bunch of problems but cleaned himself up at the University of North Alabama).

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