25 January 2012

Why Do Networks Do this Super Bowl Pregame Red Carpet Crap?

Like practically everybody else in America, I love the Super Bowl. But without question have the pregame shows gotten out of hand. And the number one reason why pregame shows, which on Super Bowl Sunday this year will start at noon for a 6:30 game (six-and-a-half hours!) and last year's went for an excruciating four-and-a-half hours, have gotten out of hand is because of the inclusion of a red carpet for interviews with celebrities, which this year will be hosted by Nick Cannon, one of the worst "talents" in recent memory (just ask Dave Chappelle).

Ironically, this red carpet crap started that last time the Patriots and Giants were playing in the Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLII, with Ryan Seacrest on the scene on FOX. Man was that awful. Then NBC did it the next year with Al Roker, which while Roker is the man, it again was terrible. Fortunately the fine folks at CBS did not do it for Super Bowl XLIV but FOX brought it back last year inexplicably with a random pairing of Maria Menounos and the awful Michael Strahan.

Why do they keep on doing this garbage? Nobody is watching the pregame show for the B-level celebrities that are at the game. NOBODY. And nobody will be watching for the oodles of self promotion NBC will do during its red carpet, to try to boost the ratings of the fourth place network. Let's just hope that CBS spares us next year during its inevitable 12 hour pregame show.

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