11 January 2012

Schottenheimer Out as Jets Offensive Coordinator, Sparano Reportedly In

New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, enemy number one it seems for Jets fans, has decided to part ways with the club. And former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano will be his replacement as offensive coordinator and playcaller. Continue reading for my initial reaction.
Schottenheimer has decided to explore other opportunities, which makes sense considering who wants to be in a position where they would never get credit when the offense does well and get all the blame when the team falters, which quite frankly was the case for him in New York. Schottenheimer is a conservative playcaller by nature which bothered some fans even though the strength of the offense the last couple of years has been in the running game while Mark Sanchez has gotten his feet wet. Now does Schottenheimer deserve some blame with some playcalling decisions, like throwing the ball 59 times against the Giants was pretty dumb, as well as for Sanchez not playing well this season but he did also coordinate offenses that went to two consecutive AFC Championship Games. And maybe he was conservative because he did not feel confidant that Sanchez was good enough to open up the offense and be more aggressive. People (Jets fans) also seem to ignore Sanchez's clear shortcomings, ball control, accuracy for example, and focus more on Schottenheimer's playcalling. Again Schottenheimer deserves some blame for not developing Sanchez and tapping into his talents but maybe he did get the most out of Sanchez? This was the guy who tutored Drew Brees and Philip Rivers in San Diego. But time will tell to see what becomes of Sanchez in New York.
So where could he be headed to now? It doesn't seem that he will getting a head coaching job although he could be in the mix for the Dolphins job, which would make everything come full circle. One landing spot one should consider is becoming the offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if Marty Schottenheimer, his father, becomes the head coach for that team.
As for Sparano, what makes his hire even more important is because of the departure of Bill Callahan, the Jets offensive line coach, to the Dallas Cowboys. Considering Sparano's extensive experience in coaching the offensive line, it's a much needed boost to his hiring. As for his playcalling, Sparano does not have much playcalling experience in the NFL, only calling plays for the Cowboys in 2006 when the offense was fifth in the league. Sparano is also well known for greenlighting the implementation of the Wildcat by then-Dolphins quarterbacks coach David Lee in 2008, which the team used to great success and a playoff berth following a 1-15 season. But while his offensive line experience is a major plus, the fact he doesn't have much playcalling experience hurts a little. But a solid hire nonetheless, especially if the other top candidate for the offensive coordinator spot was Dirk Koetter, which would have been a step backwards.
And if anybody's happy right now, it's Jets fans, who have emphatically hated Schottenheimer like its been their jobs.

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