24 January 2012

Raiders Hire Dennis Allen as Head Coach

You have to go back to 1963 to find the last time a head coach of the Oakland Raiders was not hired by al Davis, and that coach's name was Al Davis. The last coach that was hired by the Raiders with a defensive background? John Madden, way back in 1969.

That all changes today as the Raiders made their first post-Davis hire and Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders brass have hired Dennis Allen, the 39-year old defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos. He is the sixth coach of the Raiders since Jon Gruden left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers left after the 2001 season.

Now on first glance, this is a risky hire. Allen has only been a defensive coordinator one year and is pretty inexperienced. But I really like this hire. Allen did a really good job with the Broncos defense this year, improved it a lot and generated a very good pass rush. He built a strong defensive line and showed a creative mind in blitzes. He'll much improve this defense that was awful despite a lot of talent. The key for him will be bringing in a good offensive coordinator. And if I were him, I'd go after Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements.

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