17 January 2012

Jim Caldwell Fired By Colts

The Indianapolis Colts, following one of the most disastrous seasons in franchise history mostly caused by the devastating injury to Peyton Manning, have fired their clueless head coach, Jim Caldwell. They are the fifth team to fire their head coach and this was probably what should have been the most obvious choice. Yes it's not his fault that Manning got injured and that the team had no decent option in place, but if you've watched any Colts game the last few years, you saw a guy who had no idea how to coach, called inane timeouts and just looked completely lost. So what took so long to fire the guy? There were rumors of late that the team was actually going to keep Caldwell but it is nice to see they finally came to their senses.
Whoever will be hired by the new Colts front office leadership will have the pleasure of coaching Andrew Luck but now the question of what the team will do with Peyton Manning remains unanswered for now.

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