24 January 2012

If the Giants Win Super Bowl XLVI, Why the Parade Should Be in New Jersey

My boy Chris Christie, governor of the greatest state of the Union, New Jersey, got some press by saying if the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI that the victory parade be held in New Jersey. And here is why he is correct.

The Giants, as are the Jets, are New Jersey teams, plain and simple. Yes they are called 'New York' but that is because they are in the New York DMA, as the Washington Redskins are in the DC DMA while they play in Landover, MD, but both are New Jersey teams. Christie has stated this and it's true. Both teams play their games in Garden State, in the monstrosity that is MetLife Stadium, and both train in the Garden State, the Giants in East Rutherford, the Jets in Florham Park. To say they are New York teams is a flat-out false statement, there is only one New York team and that is the Buffalo Bills.

So if the Giants are a Jersey team, why shouldn't they celebrate a potential Super Bowl victory in their home state?

Well to answer my own question, it's because where would you parade in Jersey? In the Meadowlands parking lot? The Devils did that for their three Stanley Cup titles and safe to say it was not that great. Meanwhile, the Canyon of Heroes is pretty badass, when they march down Broadway it's just awesome.
So while the Giants should march in New Jersey, if they were to win, they won't.

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