17 January 2012

Flip Saunders Should Be Fired But Wizards' Problems Run Deeper

Yeah, it's getting bad for the District's NBA team. Unfortunately the new uniforms have not brought success to the Washington Wizards as they sit right now at 1-12. The team has just been god awful all season with Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer saying that some observers have called them "the absolute dumbest team they've ever seen."
So what should be done? Well coach Flip Saunders should be fired but he's not the only problem in Washington.
The fact that this team has just been a disaster on the court reflects poorly and thus Saunders should lose his job. He doesn't appear to have control of the team as the situation has turned from bad to worse. If he can't get through to the players, that's a real problem and a new voice is needed.
But obviously, he is not the only problem. Owner Ted Leonsis knows this is a rebuilding effort and this is a very young roster and it clearly shows. And when one of the few veterans gets into a spat with an assistant and decides not to play, that sends a poor message to the young players. And what's disappointing is that there is talent on this team, notably in second-year point guard John Wall as well as center JaVale McGee, but how poorly they are playing as a whole is startling. The lack of a veteran voice in a leadership as well as a coach without control is to blame.
Speaking of McGee, that man has been known to play like a jackass and he took that to another level Monday evening against the Houston Rockets. With the team trailing mid-third quarter, McGee decided it was a nice time to toss an alley-oop to himself off the backboard. Because this is the Dunk Contest, right? I mean, that's not something you do in the middle of a game that is not out of hand. Saunders obviously was not pleased, benching the moron and then saying this after the game:
"I told him that is unacceptable...I mean, maybe I'm too old school, but save that stuff for the All-Star Game. ... We have some guys who look for highlights rather than substance."
And the sad thing is, Saunders is right on the money, especially about the players looking for highlights. You could say that about Nick Young or Andray Blatche. And what's disappointing is that McGee doesn't own up to his idiotic move.
"I feel like I was trying to get the team hyped and trying to make a good play."
I'm shaking my head right now. It's just gotten t be such a joke at the Verizon Center. And Saunders deserves a nice chunk of the blame and should lose his job. But he's also not the only problem. If the Wizards want to become a contender down the line in the East, they need to start to mature and play like a team for victories, not for highlights.

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