22 January 2012

Drew Bledsoe & Robert Kraft Kissing? Twice?

As we all know, the Patriots just won the AFC and are headed to the Super Bowl. So former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who's injury in 2001 opened the door for Tom Brady and the dynasty that ensued, was doing the presentation of the Lamar Hunt Trophy when Pats owner Robert Kraft went in for the kiss on the cheek action...twice. Pretty awkward stuff, I must say. Let's go to the videotape.
H/T SportsGrid


  1. Mr. Robert Kraft gives a blessing frequently in word and deed. It is refreshing to see a modest yet strong man such as Robert Kraft filled with integrity, human decency and kindness. Robert Kraft knows how to give others a blessing in the Jewish tradition - it is done with a word, with a touch, un-conditionally and forever according to Old and New Testaments. The kiss on the cheek demonstrates the blessing Robert Kraft gives to others and it is good!

    1. You mean the guy who just got caught going to a brothel in Florida TWICE?? LMAO

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