21 January 2012

Could Jim Tressel Actually Be in the Mix for the Colts Job?

The Indianapolis Colts are looking to hire a head coach are finally deciding to fire the buffoon that was Jim Caldwell. And thus they have discussed some names around like Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, Saints offensive coordinator Mike Carmichael Jr., even former Vikings head coach Brad Childress. But one curious name has apparently been interviewed by Colts owner Jim Irsay and that is current team consultant and former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel. Could he be a serious candidate for this job?

Now there is no question that Tressel had a lot of success at Ohio State. Of course that must be taken with a grain of salt considering many NCAA rules violations as well as cover-ups that ultimately led to his resignation but he still had a very successful tenure in Columbus (just ignore the rules violations for now).

But we all know about the struggles that the majority of coaches that make the jump from coaching college to the pros have faced. Not to mention the fact that Tressel has never coached in the NFL at any point in his coaching career and being a "consultant" certainly does not count. And back to those rules violations, Tressel has lost pretty much all of the credibility that he had as head coach of the Buckeyes.

So in my view, I think that Irsay gave him a courtesy interview but I really don't think he'll be a serious contender for this job. Maybe he'll be an assistant under the new coach, maybe work in the personnel department or continue his work as a "consultant." Of course we all know now that considering I have said that, he may be a serious contender for the job after all.

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