21 January 2012

CBS Sports Must Apologize for Falsely Reporting Death of Joe Paterno UPDATE

You may have seen an obituary for Joe Paterno on this blog. I wrote that obituary following CBS Sports' report that Paterno had died as it had been reported first by Onward State, which is almost like the Penn State student paper. But CBS Sports was the only one to report his death as all other sites did not report it. The Paterno family spokesman said that he had not died and then Paterno's sons Scott and Jay said the same. CBS Sports then retracted its report and then I took down my obituary.
What CBS should do is apologize for getting the story wrong. Reporting that somebody had died is not something you can get wrong under any circumstances. They can't point the blame to Onward State because I'm sure ESPN, Yahoo, the AP saw that same report and did not report that Paterno had died.
I apologize for prematurely writing my Paterno obituary and CBS should do the same.
UPDATE: CBS has apologized. Here's their statement.

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