16 January 2012

2012 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Game Picks

Two teams are left in both the National Football Conference and in the American Football Conference. The four teams that are still alive (the Giants and 49ers in the NFC; the Ravens and Patriots in the AFC) are just one victory away from reaching Super Bowl XLVI. Who will be advancing to Indianapolis for a chance at taking home the Lombardi Trophy?
Wild Card: 1-3
Divisional: 4-0

Sun., Jan. 22th

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots (CBS, 3:00)
We know that the Ravens' defense will always be good and it's still the strength of the team. But there are legitimate concerns with their offense. Joe Flacco has been really inconsistent all year and did not play well at all Sunday versus the Houston Texans. And can someone give Ray Rice the damn ball? What offensive coordinator Cam Cameron must do is rely on Rice heavily to keep the ball away from Tom Brady.
Speaking of Brady, he was just unbelievable on Saturday evening and it appears that he and the team as a whole are peaking, which is dangerous for anyone who has to play them. And the defense looked really good against the Broncos and the pass rush came alive.
I just don't think Flacco will uncork a great performance which he will need to keep up with the Patriots. He will make a mistake or two, which will prove costly. New England's headed to Indy.
Patriots 34 Ravens 23

New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers (FOX, 6:30)
This Giants team has been playing their best football of the season over the past several weeks. Eli Manning has been terrific, solidifying himself as an elite NFL quarterback, the wideouts have been really good, Hakeem Nicks in particular last week, and the defense has stepped up their game with the pass rush applying a whole lot of pressure and the rest of the defense playing well, a big reason why is because Michael Boley is healthy. And for people to say the Giants are just "lucky," it's time for them to stop moping around because their team sucks and they refuse to admit this team is good (and you know who you are).
Meanwhile the 49ers have been consistently strong all season and we all know why. Their defense is tenacious and they showed it against the Saints, forcing turnovers and knocking out players, and they have a top running back in Frank Gore. And now Alex Smith is coming into his own with an impressive performance of his own on Saturday afternoon.
In my opinion, this is a tough game to predict because both teams are really good, obviously. But I've got to go with the road warriors of the Giants because I'm seeing similarities with the 2007 club that won Super Bowl XLII.
Giants 30 49ers 28

So a Patriots-Giants Super Bowl, a rematch of what I thought was the best Super Bowl ever? Sounds good to me. Just like this:


  1. im agree with this comments.

  2. I would actually ever say "Im agree with this comments" but I'll second what 6:33PM said.

    Patriots 42
    Ravens 10

    Giants 12
    49ers 10


    Patriots 24
    Giants 9