22 December 2011

2011 NFL Season: Predicting the Playoff Picture after Week 15

There are only two weeks left in the 2011 NFL season and still much to be decided in both conferences with four clinched teams in the AFC and three in the NFC. The wildest races seem to be in the AFC West, the NFC East and both wild cards. Who do I think will make the dance?

21 December 2011

2011-12 NBA Season Preview & Predictions

There has been a large amount of focus on boardrooms like the one pictured above over the summer and fall as the NBA Lockout was forefront on the minds of basketball fans nationwide. But now, the season was saved, there will be professional hoops this year. So how do I foresee the shortened NBA season to shape out?

20 December 2011

2011 NFL Week 16 Picks

No game this week in the NFL may be more important than Jets-Giants. The Jets need the win to solidify their position for a wild card slot in the AFC while the Giants need the win to solidify their lead in the NFC East over the Cowboys. In this battle for New Jersey (both teams are Jersey teams...sorry), who will prevail? It's time for my week 16 NFL picks.

18 December 2011

2011 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 16

JB Smoove loves himself some NFL on Fox action. Hell he wants to be the third man in the booth. Well we got a doubleheader on Fox Sports with the early games being Giants-Jets, Rams-Steelers, Cardinals-Bengals, Vikings-Redskins and Buccaneers-Panthers with the late games being Eagles-Cowboys and 49ers-Cardinals. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits courtesy JP of The506 for the NFL on Fox this Saturday.

2011 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 16

Is there is one thing we have learned this year on CBS, it's that Kris Jenkins throws a god awful Halloween party. Now that we got that done with, CBS Sports has a singleheader slate this week with six games on the docket. They are Broncos-Bills, Dolphins-Patriots, Browns-Ravens, Raiders-Chiefs, Jaguars-Titans and Chargers-Lions. Continue reading for announcing assignments as well as distribution splits from the great JP of The506 for this Saturday on CBS.

Why the Packers Losing Could Actually Be of Benefit

The dreams of 16-0 by Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers are now dead following a shocking 19-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, who manhandled them all game. If the Chiefs did not stagnate in the red zone early on, the game would not have been close.
But here is why the loss may actually come out to benefit the Packers.

Jesus Tells Tim Tebow To Lay Off the Jesus

In case you have not realized, Tim Tebow is a devoutly religious person, just like Rick Perry. But is he a little too religious? Well that is what Jesus himself thinks as He told Tebow himself last night on Saturday Night Live to lay off the Jesus act. To the videotape, courtesy SportsGrid.