10 December 2011

What is Next for Kurt Busch?

The NASCAR silly season has only been going on but there is a big-time driver aavailable, a former Champion and a six-time Chase participant. He also has a bit of an anger issue and thus may not be as heavily courted as a driver as his driving skills have shown.
Penske Racing cut ties with Kurt Busch on Monday, it was official a mutual decision but in all likelihood he got axed, after what has been a tumultuous at times partnership, culminating in Busch being caught on camera verbally berating ESPN report Dr. Jerry Punch at the season finale race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. So what is Busch's next move as he tries to learn to better compose himself and his emotions as well as finding fun in racing again?

09 December 2011

What the Aborted Chris Paul Trade Means for the NBA, Paul & Dwight Howard

The trade seemed to be a go; Chris Paul to the Lakers, Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Goran Dragic and a first round pick to New Orleans, Pau Gasol to Houston. And then late last night, commissioner David Stern, seemingly under pressure from some of the league's owners, killed the deal. And so what are the ramifications of the killed trade for the NBA, Paul and New Orleans as well as for Dwight Howard?

08 December 2011

Angels Alter AL West Landscape, Sign Pujols, Wilson

Pujols at Angel Stadium in 2010
The Miami Marlins may have gained all the early headlines of the 2011 Winter Meetings but thus far it is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that have may the biggest moves in signing the top bat, Albert Pujols, and top arm, C.J. Wilson, today. These huge moves show a new trend of business in Orange County as well as setting up some epic battles in the American League West.

07 December 2011

2011-12 College Football Bowl Game Picks

Here are my predictions for each and every bowl game this winter. Buckle up for the greatness.

Alex Ovechkin Took PED's? Another Piece of Journalistic Failure to the Highest Degree

Few things piss my off more than media hacks and now you can officially count John Steigerwald of the Washington (PA) Observer-Reporter as another one of them. This was the guy that said that the man who was beating up badly at Dodgers Stadium should not have been wearing a Giants jersey to a game. So basically in short, the guy is a complete jackass who writes garbage to get readership.
So his latest stunt is blaming Alex Ovechkin's subpar season on performance enhancing drugs. Wow.

06 December 2011

Who Will Win the Heisman Trophy in 2011?

It's the most prestigious award in all of collegiate athletics. Only the cream of the crop can receive it. The Heisman Trophy will be announced this Saturday and the winner will be one of those fortunate to receive an invitation to New York and they are RB Montee Ball of Wisconsin, QB Robert Griffin III of Baylor, QB Andrew Luck of Stanford, CB Tyrann Mathieu of LSU and RB Trent Richardson of Alabama. Who do I think will win?

2011 NFL Week 14 Picks

NFC East matchups always have a lot of meaning but the showdown between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium has a pretty significant meaning in the divisional race. The Cowboys can solidify their control of the division while the Giants can make the race even tighter. Who will come out on top on Sunday evening? I pick that and all other games this week right now.

05 December 2011

2011-12 College Football Bowl Games

So the rematch is on. LSU and Alabama will battle in the National Championship Game after the BCS pairings were announced as with the rest of the bowl games. Here are the matchups.
I must say, I find it incredibly absurd that Virginia Tech is in the Sugar Bowl. This is a team that hasn't played anybody all year, gotten smoked by easily the best team they've played all year in Clemson twice including a beatdown in the ACC Championship Game. Why they got a BCS bid over Kansas State or even Boise State is a fraud.

2011 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 14

The NFL on Fox is coming at you this week hot and heavy with a seven game singleheader slate this Sunday. The games in the 1:00 window are Saints-Titans, Vikings-Lions, Eagles-Dolphins, Falcons-Panthers and Buccaneers-Jaguars with the games in the 4:05 window being Bears-Broncos and 49ers-Cardinals. Read on for announcing assignments and distribution splits for this week on Fox Sports.

2011 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 14

I hope you enjoy doubleheader action on NFL sundays because you'll be getting a deep dish of such this week on your local CBS affiliate (yes I am running out of material for this opens). The early games this week are Patriots-Redskins, Chiefs-Jets, Texans-Bengals and Colts-Ravens while the late games are Raiders-Packers and Bills-Chargers. Continue reading to find out who will be calling this matchups and which one(s) you will get in your market this Sunday.

04 December 2011

2011-12 College Football Bowl Predictions: Final Edition

These are my last minute bowl game predictions before the matchups are announced on Sunday evening for all 35 bouts. I think it's obvious who I'm picking to play in the BCS National Championship Game, or at least one of the teams is.