24 September 2011

The Blue Jays' New Logo? Not Too Bad

The new logo for MLB's only club north of the border has been leaked and at the very least, it is a hell of a lot better than the Marlins' new logo. I think this is an upgrade for the Blue Jays because I was not a fan of their current logo but they would have been better to go back to their original logo. But in my mind, it's an upgrade. and I like it.

23 September 2011

Should Kobe Bryant Play in Italy During the Lockout?

The NBA lockout is looking more and more likely to go into the regular season, leaving open speculation that the season could be wiped out. And thus players are starting to commit to playing overseas on deals that would allow them to return. But there have been no high profile have chosen to play overseas, but Kobe Bryant could be that guy.
Bryant has kept speculation open over whether he will choose to decide to play in Europe or China and has not firmly denied said speculation. His best offer has just come up on the table with Italian club Virtus Bologna, but should he take it?

Brett Favre Working as an Analyst?

I certainly did not see this coming. For the October 1st showdown between Rice and Southern Miss on CSS (a regional sports network in the Southland), Golden Eagles legend Brett Favre will make his broadcasting debut as a color commentator (He also played for the Falcons, Jets, Vikings and most notably the Green Bay Packers).
As far as I know, Favre has never worked as an analyst before so this will certainly be interesting. He's always had that fun-loving, good ol' Southern boy attitude so he will no doubt be entertaining but I don't think he will be the smoothest analyst in the business but it is his debut. Maybe if he does well, you could see him working at ESPN or one of the networks down the road. Or this could be just a one time thing with his alma mater. Either way, a lot more people got interested in this Conference USA game. And I for one am extremely intrigued by one of my all time favorite players in all of sports (I am a Packers fan) does in the booth.

22 September 2011

Can the Yankees Win the World Series?

For the 12th time in the last 16 seasons, the New York Yankees are champions of the American League East. They are poised to be the top seed in the Junior Circuit. But can they win the World Series?

21 September 2011

MLB on Fox Schedule: September 24th

It is the final Saturday of the season as well as being the final edition of Fox Saturday Baseball for 2011. Red Sox-Yankees will be the featured game that most of America will see, the other game you may see is Mariners-Rangers, in which the Rangers may be trying to clinch the AL West. Continue reading for announcer assignments and distribution splits.

Will the Atlanta Braves Choke Away the Wild Card?

A little more than two weeks ago, the Atlanta Braves seemed to have the National League Wild Card race sealed up as they led the St. Louis Cardinals by 8.5 games. Now with a week to go until the regular season finale, they only lead the Cardinals by 2.5 games now. Could they actually blow away the lead down the stretch?

Is this the New Marlins Logo? Awful

The Florida Marlins are becoming the Miami Marlins next year as they move into their brand new stadium and they will have a new logo. And apparently, this one above will be it, and quite frankly this bad boy is awful. This is a pretty uninspiring logo I must admit and certainly not as inspiring as Joey I.

Missouri to the SEC?

The realignment birds have been chirping pretty loudly of late in the world of collegiate football, especially after Texas A&M announced its defection to the SEC and now with Pittsburgh and Syracuse leaving the Big East and heading to the ACC. Now it appears that the newest team to potentially change conferences is that of the University of Missouri because it's been reported that they have an informal agreement to join Texas A&M in the SEC.
UPDATE: Missouri has rejected the SEC offer

20 September 2011

Pac-12 Will Not Expand Further...What?

Officials from the Pacific-12 Conference have announced that they will not seek any further expansion past the current 12 institutions already in. This obviously comes as a surprise as everyone thought that the Pac-12 would seize Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech and become the first superconference. That apparently will not be happening and it's extremely questionable why not.

Joe Morgan Doing the Chicken Dance? Yes Sir

This video is just so absurd. Whoever thought of this should be knighted. Nobody embodies the chicken dance more than baseball great and announcing dud Joe Morgan.

Hearing Morgan talk about using technology to find out the Chicken Dance is a surprise.

2011 NFL Week 3 Picks

We're coming in hot to week 3 of the 2011 NFL season and there are some high quality matchups for you, including the first 2011 installment of the oldest rivalry in the NFL, as well as a rematch of the 2011 NFC Championship game, in Packers-Bears. Who will I pick in that one and every other game this week? Why, let us take a look.

19 September 2011

Mariano Rivera is the Greatest Closer Ever & Don't Even Try to Deny It

Today Mariano Rivera set the all-time saves record today as he shut the door on the Minnesota Twins. This was his 602nd save which now sets him apart from all reliever of all time. But he was already the greatest closer anyways, this just made the contrarian argument even more impossible to make.

2011 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 3

It is now week 3 of this young NFL season and it's a singleheader Sunday on the NFL on CBS with a full slate of eight matchups on the docket. The games at 1:00 are Texans-Saints, Patriots-Bills, Broncos-Titans, Jaguars-Panthers and Dolphins-Browns. The games in the 4:05 window are Jets-Raiders, Chiefs-Chargers and Ravens-Rams. Continue reading for announcers of each of these games as well as the distribution splits so you know what game you will see come Sunday.

The Chiefs Are Clearly The Worst Team In Football

Todd Haley and the Kansas City Chiefs has suffered from destructions to start the 2011 NFL season at the hands of the Buffalo Bills last week and of the Detroit Lions yesterday. In just two games, they have been outscored 89-10. Not only that but the team has lost some of their best players to injury; tight end Tony Moeaki in the preseason, safety Eric Berry in the opener, and star running back Jamaal Charles on Sunday. The team across the board is a mess and it's clear that no team is in worse shape.

2011 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 3

Week 3 of the 2011 NFL season has cometh and we got a doubleheader Sunday on Fox Sports. The games in the 1:00 window are Giants-Eagles, Lions-Vikings. The games in the 4:15 window are Packers-Bears, Falcons-Buccaneers, and Cardinals-Seahawks. Continue reading for the announcers of these games as well as the distribution splits so you know what game you will be able to see on Sunday.

2011 College Football Week 4 Picks

Lot of really good matchups in week 4 of the 2011 College Football season. Some of the top games of the day are Florida State-Clemson, with FSU coming off the loss to Oklahoma and Clemson coming off the big win over Auburn, Notre Dame-Pittsburgh, with the Irish coming off a much needed victory over Michigan State and Pitt suffering after a tough loss to Iowa, Arkansas-Alabama, in which the Hogs look to pull off the upset for the second year in a row, Oklahoma State-Texas A&M, which promises to be a shootout between two elite offenses, Missouri-Oklahoma, in which the Tigers try to pull off the upset this time in Norman, and LSU-West Virginia, which will host College Gameday. Who do I think will win those and all other games this week? Let's take a look.

Did Thom Brennaman Just Call Frank Gore "Al Gore"?

This is almost too good to make up.

18 September 2011

Watch This Brilliant Goal From Nani Against Chelsea

Courtesy SportsGrid

Hold the phone, he's got a cannon.

Epic Confrontation Between Floyd Mayweather & Larry Merchant

It was a controversial finish to the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight on Saturday night that left Mayweather the winner. But what might be even more exciting was the post-fight interview Mayweather did with HBO's Larry Merchant. These two have had brush-ups before and what else would you expect with Mayweather, who's known for ridiculous interviews, and Merchant, known for his shoot from the hip style. And this interview included Mayweather saying that Merchant didn't know "shit about boxing" and Merchant responded with that if he was fifty years younger he would've kicked his ass. Let's go to the videotape, one you don't want to miss.